Your Business Partner For Creative Video Content

At M-1 Studios, we partner with clients to develop the highest-quality video productions for a diverse array of products, services, marketing and training needs. Several of our productions are available for viewing on our Vimeo and Youtube Pages and Channels, as well as specific category examples below:

Product & Service Demonstrations

Video content that is adapted to your message (including color choices, fonts, and company logos) combines high-quality visuals with a specific focus on a particular aspect or product/service your business provides.

M-1 Studios partnered with Bozii to premiere the “What’s A Bozii?” campaign with storyboard visuals, on-location production services, and post-production editing that included text pop-ups, logo animation and photography elements.

Complete Company Overviews

Our most popular video production is the complete creative company/service overview video, highlighting specific business areas of service, expertise and background knowledge- often used for website homepages, industry-specific tradeshows and Facebook business pages.

From the creative development of an approved script with narration and sample questions, on-location production services include filming demonstration highlights, animation development, as well as optional interviews to create a complete visual overview within the chosen timeframe, as demonstrated here for Proto Manufacturing.

Business Animated Explainers

M-1 Studios offers complete in-house grraphic animators who can work with your application or website content to create a fully customized single video or complete series, combining clean eye-catching graphics along with relevant footage based on marketing or training points.

M-1 Studios partnered with for the simultaneous launch of their website platform and consumer application.  This included screenwriting services, voiceover narration, graphic animation, and filming additional footage.

On-Location / Studio Interviews & Testimonials

Whether its on-location or in-studio, M-1 Studios has complete lighting and audio setups ready to go for interviews, customer and client testimonials.  We can also provide numerous background setups, including black screen, white screen, and grey/distressed.

M-1 Studios was contacted by PODs to complete client testimonials at Allstate branches with the management team that utilized their software as part of a website marketing campaign.  Provided questions for the interviews and editing services created an entire video campaign series.

Conferences, Speakers & Events

M-1 Studios offers on-location filming of company meetings, speaking engagements, or other events held for employees and clients, at half-day / full-day or multiple day schedules.  Multiple cameras for additional coverage, meeting highlights, additional locations and even complete seminar edits can be produced depending on your specific needs.

“I’ve been working with M-1 Studios for over five years. They care, they work hard, and they aim to please. I recommend them every chance I get and my colleagues echo the same positive experiences.” – Corey Perlman, eBootCamp

HD Television Commercials (Studio – Teleprompter)

With our in-studio teleprompter system, green screen capabilities, and on-call hair & makeup artists, M-1 Studios can provide high-quality effective broadcast-ready commercials filmed right in our studio.

M-1 Studios develops a commercial script that gets your specific brand message across while being considerate of the :15 or :30 second time constraints.  With our teleprompter system, the talent looks completely natural while addressing the audience.

HD Television Commercials (Animation)

Commercial production using supplied Company or organizational logos and pictures to create an engaging animation, that is tailored to a particular message and never template-based.

Southfield Public Schools Michigan wanted to produce a 30-second commercial series for their College Tuition offerings that could reach the entire district area both online and with purchased airtime.  Based on their initial concept, M-1 Studios produced unique animation content conveying the message, along with voiceover narration and music.

HD Television Commercials (On-Location)

M-1 Studios offers complete on-location production services, including location scouting and sourcing, casting of on-screen talent, and camera/lighting/sound setups.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wished to have a new :15 and :60 second commercial promoting Belle Isle as a vibrant tourist destination in Detroit.  M-1 Studios cast all talent featured in the commercial, as well as scheduled a full production day on location, to ensure the highest-quality footage showcasing the state park.

Training & How-To Content

Training videos showcasing a particular product how-to or process can be filmed on-location with either actors or employees, based upon client notes or a developed script to ensure all particular steps are described.

These training segments can then be divided up into several individual segments for online use, or put together as a DVD for internal training use.  Here is a sample of one of several after-purchase product training video segments, with voiceover recorded in-studio and demonstration of the steps requested by the client.

Social Media Video Series

Service-based businesses such as restaurants & stores benefit from our monthly on-location social media video production services, for content for Facebook fan pages, Youtube page promotions, and Instagram and Twitter feeds.

All production is completed same-day on location with quick post-production turnaround times, for timely posting of the videos as part of ongoing promotions and fan page updates.

Professional Aerial & Drone Filming Services

Demonstration video of the M-1 Studios professional aerial and drone filming service offerings.

We have FAA licensed on-staff trained drone operators who can work in both indoor and outdoor settings, capturing 4K footage of video content not previously available before at affordable prices for clients.

High-Definition Timelapse (Indoor /Outdoor)

Demonstration video of the M-1 Studios timelapse video services available. We offer timelapse camera services from one day to weeks to over several months, with the included capability to log in and see daily captured pictures from the site.

We deliver a final compiled high-definition video of the particular filmed project as a seamless video, for online or other client uses.

Construction & Project Documentaries

The Sarah Jordan Boarding House at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, was documented as part of a complete historical restoration project completed by BELFOR USA.

Filming occurred throughout several summer months in order to produce this mini-documentary, as well as an extended half-hour television version showcasing the restoration and all aspects of the project.  Voiceover narration was developed as the footage was reviewed and edited.

Non-Profit & Organizational Documentaries

We work directly with non-profit organizations to schedule and capture the content needed to effectively tell their story and gain additional outreach and support for their mission.

Affirmations has collaborated with M-1 Studios for the last 5 years to create short documentaries which showcase the ways in which the center supports the community. The videos are updated annually to screen at Affirmations’ spring fundraising events, and year after year, they set new donation records. Through the use of compelling, heartfelt interviews and on-location cinematography which captures the compassion that the center brings to Metro Detroit, these videos have proved to be an invaluable asset that Affirmations uses throughout each year.