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video and commercial production

Creative Marketing Solutions

Creative ideas are essential for any successful marketing strategy.

Our team of experienced professionals can help turn your ideas into campaign reality.

Whether you need a fresh video solutio, or a creative idea to spruce up your existing marketing plans, we can provide tailored solutions that fit into your larger goals and objectives.

"The M-1 team is not just creative...M-1 Studios is a home to Creators"

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video and commercial production

Video Production

Our award-winning directors, on-staff camera crew and talented production team utilize the latest technology and equipment to create solid content and not just "capture a shot."

Talent casting, 4K cameras, lighting setups, professional audio Your location or at M-1 Studios. We're fully equipped and ready for daily, weekly or multi-day, multi-camera shoots anywhere in the U.S.

Trust M-1 to drive your complete project. Our professional crews always run on time and on budget. Don't settle for less.

Unleash The Power of Video with M-1 

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Online & Social Management

Communication is key to building and retaining your customer base. Keep your social media current and effective, empower your visibility with new visually driven photography and video content.

The M-1 team can free up your marketing department for other duties or serve as your promotion agency.

We will handle one promotional campaign, product launch or  your complete social media communications.

Harness the Power of Video Management

commercial production

Training & Instructional Video

Cost efficient and highly effective videos.

We'll start with your work instructions or let our professional writers help with the development. Staff training, product demonstrations, documentation & more.

Use your staff or pro talent available. Filmed on location or in our studio.

The Power of Video creates a lasting impression for your business.


Virtual Reality & High Tech

M-1 Studios utilizes the latest equipment to achieve high tech video solutions.

VR/AR, special photography, time-lapse, 3D interior space mapping, Google Maps photography. Drone aerial shots: interior & outdoors by FAA licensed drone operators.

Utilizing the latest high tech equipment and techniques, our experienced team captures superior footage, creating unique results on all viewing platforms.


Post Production

Post Production brings your project to life.

Our in-house staff of experienced editors bring your footage together telling your story creatively, effectively and leaving a lasting impression.

Every project receives full attention to detail with quality workmanship and an assigned producer to oversee the project.

Entrust M-1 for one aspect of the production or your complete project, start to finish.


ferndale video

Digital Content Marketing

M-1's creates digital strategies that engage customers and drive conversions.

We use research data to better understand user behavior, developing strategies that are tailored to your customer needs.

Our user-centric approach to digital marketing ensures your content is effectively targeted, ensuring both maximum engagement and increased visibility in your markets.

Transform your digital marketing strategy into a powerful asset for your business

film production company

Award-Winning Livestreams

Live Streaming has revolutionized the way organizations communicate. For nearly a decade, M-1 has been at the cutting edge of Live event services.

In studio or on location - multiple camera operations, multiple location coverage, experienced directors and technicians.

Our award winning team provides customized virtual experiences that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

M-1 Live! delivers best livestream coverage.

studio space rental

Studio Rentals & Prod Crews

Our studio space can provide all your video and photography needs! With green screen chroma key, black/white backdrops, complete lighting and audio.

Plus we have plenty of room to spread out in our kitchen and "Green Room". Rentals available on daily basis. Private access at all times.

Our professional staff help make the most out any rental time.

Everything required to create an amazing production!

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